Reducing the Cost and Headache of Accounting

Most Owners Aren't Streamlined

Many business owners and entrepreneurs know just what to do when it comes to their business, but then reality sinks in: 

  • Quarterly Taxes!
  • Bank Accounts!
  • Excise Taxes!
  • Balance Sheets!
  • Payroll Taxes!
  • P&L Statements!
  • Self-Employment Taxes

This stuff is such a headache that most hire part-time or full-time bookkeepers or accountants to keep it all straight. Let me be clear, I do recommend getting financial professionals involved, but you can greatly reduce the cost and headache by implementing the right solution for your company.

Let me Explain

I had a client that needed serious help with their with accounting system. Quite frankly, they didnt have one. But they were doing their best to bump through each day creating bids, sending invoices, collecting money and managing all of the work they do for their clients. Forget the other stuff, like reconciling it all with the bank.

When we talked, I knew there were some options out there, but most require accountants to run them. That’s when my research landed me on Xero Accounting Software as a solution. Not only was it the right solution for this construction company, I discovered it was right for my consulting firm as well! And now, nearly all of my clients decide Xero can be right for them also. 

How it works

Xero is a cloud-based, complete end-to-end accounting solution for your business management needs. Without having to be a computer genius or an accountant, you can manage and reconcile your accounts, create bids, send invoices, collect payments, manage payroll, and more. And with unlimited users, you can get your accountant on board to manage the tough stuff, and your employees can track expenses in the field, request time-off, check on their accrued vacation time and more. 

Te other great thing is that Xero plays nice with your other business management software and systems. I'm talking, CRM, Payment services, databases, sales systems, and many more, from providers such as Salesforce, Google, Squarespace, Square, Stripe, Workflow, Accello, and many more. 

In order to make this complicated set of tasks simple, there is a substantial setup that goes into making it work. Theoretically, anyone can do it, but I recommend talking to someone who knows how to manage businesses that can get to know your specific needs to set it up for you. I would love the opportunity to Learn your business and then Earn your business. I can set it all up for you, even if we don't live in the same region. 

Getting the Best Deal

Using the links or the ad below in this post will get you the best deal. You will get a 30-day free trial, and afterwards, you can sign up for the deal they are offering at the time, usually a percentage off for a while. BUT, for an even better deal, be sure to CONTACT JUDSON directly for a special promo code I have worked out BEFORE your trial ends. 

The time is now. 

I love the verse from Ecclesiastes in the Bible that talks about those who always watch the cloud will never plant, implying that they will also never get a harvest. There has never been a better time that RIGHT NOW to decide to move your business forward. It costs nothing to contact us and learn more, so do it now! 

Judson Bartels

Husband to Kristina, Daddy to Elliott, Ethan, Madison, Hezekiah, and Jedidiah, Founding Consultant at Quincy Owen Solutions, LLC, Founding Pastor of www.Sound.Church,