Recommended Services

We have worked out some special deals with some beloved and commonly used services for managing your business. Please use these references for the best deals. And contact us to help get them customized for your business. 


End-to-End Bidding and Accounting with Xero

Everything from bids, to receipts, bills to payroll, Xero covers the whole thing, and just about everything can be done from your mobile phone.  


Wirecast streaming for your live events

Use this software on your mac or PC to stream content, switch cameras and record to your hard drive! Contact us for help to set it up!


Legal advice is a phone call away

Lawyers are always expensive, but they don't have to be when you are covered! Use the same top-rated lawyers we use for your own legal needs. They will cover your company for a whole month for less than and hour of a regular attorney!


Deduct Every Mile

Hardly anyone deducts every mile because it's practically impossible to keep track of it all. But now you can, with MileIQ. If you deduct your driving expenses, your deduction should eventually cover most or all of your vehicle expenses, over time.  

Use this referral link to save 20% on the first year, and keep coming back to this link for each employee. And then contact us to help you learn how to maximize your systems to save even more.