Bridge the Gap


Between your Vision and Reality 

More than just an outsider, this is like adding a Pastor to your team.

As a pastor and a technician, I have a unique perspective to bridge the gaps in your ministry. And we can find availability on Sundays!

  • Leadership Training, Development and Coaching

  • Ministry and Team Development (Small Groups, Volunteers, Age Specific Ministries, Helps Ministries, etc)

  • Service Production and Operations

  • Communications, Preaching and Teaching Development

  • Pro Audio Training, Design, Acquisition, Integration

  • Audio system and Room Tuning

  • Live Streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and more

  • Professional Video, IMAG and Presentation

  • Lighting Design

  • Specialized Software Solutions

  • Org or Business Startup, Setup, Structure and Registration

We are Ministry Development Specialists. Simply put, we have a track record of being able to take a vision in a ministry and prayerfully bring it into reality.  

More than just advice, we are an extension of your team.

We are pastors, tech pros, creatives and business owners. 

You're busy; you need to keep going with your everyday operations. But you know you need solutions to get to the next level, relieve the pain points and grow.


Your pain points prevent your full potential.

We offer coaching, technology consulting, training and strategies to churches to enable them to go after God's best, reach their community, and grow.

Click here to see how we can help your church

Click here to see how we can help your church


Reach More People

Achieve Your Vision

Grow Your ministry Team

Find Healing 


We Also Help Small Businesses

We can help relieve the pressure and push you towards your best

Click to see how we can help your business

Click to see how we can help your business

Small Businesses and Contractors

STreamline your business

Earn More Money

Sleep Better at Night


Tech consulting

We are pastors too... Click here, Let's Talk

We are pastors too... Click here, Let's Talk

A Pastor's Approach to Technology and Structure

I am a pastor, too; But I'm Available on Sundays.

I have worked in churches large and small, and I have started my own church. I know from experience that ministry can be a very lonely place, even while surrounded by wonderful people.

Most pastors understand that Sound, Lights, Video, Live Streaming are all important tools, but don't want it to take over the vision and mission of the ministry. Even well funded churches struggle with how to implement missional technology strategies. 

You as a ministry leader don't often have someone to talk with who "gets it". You need someone that you can talk with, and find healthy vulnerability so that you and your ministry can grow and have more impact. 

Regardless of the size and mission of your church, there are so many moving parts, and it's not healthy to do it alone. 

Whether your needs are practical, philosophical or spiritual, please know that I want to be on your side, part of your team.

I have been able to help other churches move from surviving to thriving, and I would love to help yours also, because your community matters to God, and to you!




-Pastor Russell Johnson || Lead Pastor || The Pursuit NW

"Judson was an integral part of our success since before day one of the Pursuit NW. We couldn't have come as far as fast without his expertise and advice."

-Dylan Welsh || Freelance Musician

"As is true with all good leaders, Judson also demonstrates his commitment to investing in people and raising up new leaders. He is great at seeing hidden strengths within others, and putting those people in a position to really grow and develop their talents"


-Joe Nicholson ||  Owner || Project Won Studios

"He's one of those "Go To" guys you can count on to do the job and do it well.  He is at the top of my call list when I need his help or advice.  I wish there were dozens of "Judson's" I could call on, but he is the one and only and the best of the best!"

-Dave McGrath || Owner || Pacific Northwest Hybrid

"Running a business is completely foreign to me but with Judson's guidance, what seemed like an overwhelming obstacle became an organized and streamlined LLC. He was very kind knowing that I'm a Veteran with PTSD and occasionally need things repeated. I'm now fully confident I can succeed running my shop on my own."


-Juhan || Music Producer & Mixing Engineer

"Judson was a good leader. His expertise in sound system, church management, and being the lead pastor really shows his quality. I learned a lot from volunteering at Sound Church."

-Eva Freeman || Real Estate Entrepreneur

"Judson worked with me as a project manager on multiple house renovations. I found him to be exceptionally conscientious and superb in communicating with me. He monitored expenses to ensure projects came in on budget and was always available to walk the site with me."


About Judson


Judson Bartels

|| Founding Pastor at Sound.Church

|| Sr. Consultant at Quincy Owen Solutions

Healthy Things Grow

One Guy with Two Simultaneous Careers

Starting as a teenager growing up in Minnesota, Judson has balanced a complicated dual career between two specialties: Church Ministry and Construction/Small Business.

Church Leadership and Ministry

Judson has been trained and working in ministry, including a degree in Leadership and Organizational Development. In addition to planting Sound Church with his wife, Kristina, Judson has worked with churches large and small, new and old. He will work alongside a pastor and their staff to remove pain points, increase unity, strengthen leadership, integrate technology solutions and help overall church health.

Construction and Small Business

Judson has worked in just about every aspect of the construction business including bags on labor, marketing, sales, site superintending, project management, business management, and ownership. You can rely upon his 20 years of broad industry experience in remodel, new-construction, technical installation, and insurance restoration, along with his uncanny problem-solving skills to get your projects on the right track.


The Bartels Family

Judson, Kristina, Elliott Grace, Ethan, Madison, Hezzy, Jeda and Estherlynn

Judson's Family

Along with his wife, Kristina, Judson has 6 children born within 7 years, and no, there aren't any twins. He thinks it's caused by holding hands. 

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We can be available on Sundays

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